MMA Institute of Charlottesville

Self-defense and martial arts training and fitness classes for kids and adults.

The MMA Institute of Charlottesville is more than just a gym–it is a physical fitness institute, a center dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of its team members through professional coaching in a multitude of martial arts disciplines. Our focus is on the advancement of the study of martial arts techniques and training for the purpose of advancing our members both mentally and physically. MMAI Charlottesville is Central Virginia's first choice for martial arts classes for many people for many reasons: 

  • For parents who want to see a more active and more confident child
  • For adults who seek a superior workout experience that creates greater focus and self-discipline
  • For men and women who have dreams of the OCTAGON and want training from coaches who have actually fought professionally.

Our coaches don't just have winning records; they have winning attitudes, motivations for continued learning, and a desire to see our members exceed their goals, for their bodies and for their minds. Our coaches are more than just our friends; they are our professors of self defense.


Is MMA a good workout?

Fitness through training in a variety of martial arts disciplines helps create better focus, respect for others, self-discipline, and confidence. It works the entire body and creates better balance and improves dexterity, so MMA fitness is an excellent way to improve in any sport.


When it comes to MMA Training and competition, there is not a more winning team than the one developed by MMA institute.


Mixed Martial Arts utilizes a variety of self-defense disciplines which work your core, create increased performance from all body parts, and improve endurance for any sport.

About MMAi Charlottesville

MMAI Charlottesville is a 3000-square foot martial arts training gym. The Institutes comprises over a hundred children and adults and 14 coaches who provide training in a variety of self-defense and fighting disciplines. Our classes focus on individual physical fitness by providing a unique hybrid-type high intensity interval training utilizing martial arts techniques and combinations. This repetitive, cardiovascular training creates muscle memory for these combinations and tones the entire body, from head to toe.

In addition, our training pays particular attention to nonphysical aspects, including increased focus, better self discipline, mental toughness, and confidence and self assurance in our members.

Mixed Martial Arts combines a multitude of fighting and self-defense disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo, Kempo Karate, Sombo, and submission wrestling (sport grappling). The MMA Institute provides coaching in each of these disciplines and can ultimately prepare a trainee to combine the best parts of each of these disciplines in order to win in the Octagon, the UFC fighting ring. Here is a link to learn more about the martial arts disciplines we utilize in our training.

A Brief History of the MMA Institute

The McCoy Martial Arts Institute (MMAI) was started in Richmond, Virginia, by the MMA fighter Rick McCoy in 1998. You can learn more about Rick McCoy HERE.

In 2005, MMAI Charlottesville's Head Coach, Dave Morris, himself a professional fighter, brought the MMA Institute to Charlottesville, and since then, he has been instructing kids, teaching adults, and training tomorrow's contenders in a multitude of mixed martial arts disciplines. Although the MMAI Charlottesville changed hands to its new owner Mike Taft, during 2016, Coach Morris continues to train and lead an experienced team of MMAI Ambassadors and Coaches in order to bring the mental and physical benefits of MMA Training to a larger number of people living in Central Virginia communities.